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A.J. Croce considers Twelve Tales the most unique album he has ever made. To record its 12 songs, he worked with six producers and six different bands in five cities, using nine engineers in 10 studios. The album includes some of the final sessions with Nashville producer Cowboy Jack Clement, who died in August 2013 after a legendary career that included recording classic sides for Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Jerry Lee Lewis. Croce also recorded with New Orleans great Allen Toussaint, Mitchell Froom, Kevin Killen, Tony Berg and Greg Cohen. The album also includes "Rollin' On", a song written with legendary songwriter Leon Russell. Toussaint says of working with Croce, "it is a pleasure to witness triple uniqueness: pianist, songwriter, singer and at such a level. Who does he sound like? The answer is himself: A.J. Croce."

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 04:06

Twelve Tales


A.J. Croce: Twelve Tales to Begin “Right on Time”

New Single Available from Seedling Records and iTunes on January 29


With his newly released track, “Right on Time,” singer-songwriter A.J. Croce is inaugurating the New Year with his most ambitious recording project to date. Twelve Tales, delivers a dozen new tracks recorded by legendary producers across a variety of American cities to be released one song each month, concluding with the complete full length release of the CD at the end of 2013.

A.J.’s notable producers are Nashville’s illustrious "Cowboy" Jack Clement (Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis); New Orleans’ ambassador of funk Allen Toussaint (Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton), and West Coast wunderkind Joe Henry (Elvis Costello, Solomon Burke).

The lead single “Right on Time,” tracked in Stamford, CT, is produced and mixed by five-time Grammy winner Kevin Killen, producer of five projects with Elvis Costello, and an engineer/mixer whose credits include U2, Peter Gabriel, and Los Lobos among many other luminaries.

“Faith can take you just so far/Gotta find out who you are/Then you must accept with grace/That reflection that you face” sings A.J. in “Right on Time.” With a ringing vintage Rhodes 73 electric piano and a crisp high-hat framing the warm intimacy of his voice, A.J.’s love of classic pop is a sterling point of reference.

The song was penned in two cities: The verses were written in Amsterdam, where A.J. was renting an apartment across from a church where bells marked the hours. The chorus came in Nashville as A.J. reflected on what he might have done differently in his life. “I'm always trying to write a supremely simple song that can be soulful, thoughtful and melodic,” he says. “The balance is always a challenge because one of these facets is usually dominant. With ‘Right on Time’ a rare thing happened in that I feel like I got it right.”

With seven of his albums positioned in various charts including Top 40, AAA, College, Jazz, and Americana.  A.J. Croce’s stellar song craft and compelling performances continue to enthrall a worldwide audience. An independent artist who formed his own label, Seedling Records in 2003, this ambitious project marks the latest milestone on Adrian James Croce’s illustrious journey as a songsmith, vocalist, and an ever-evolving artist.



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