Seedling Records was founded in December of 2003 with the intention of promoting eclectic music of all genres. Because major record labels rarely take a chance outside of the mainstream market, many great musicians and composers have no outlet for their art. Seedling Records aims to give these artists International distribution and a chance to be heard.

Regardless of musical style Seedling Records' primary interest is in organic music. This simply means that whether the project is of a singer songwriter, a jazz artist or a rock band the music is not over produced. Thereby promoting timeless original music.

Seedling Records first release "Adrian James Croce" was the only independent label release to reach the Top 40 radio charts in 2005 (where it charted for 10 weeks). For five months the album remained on the European radio charts and has been critically acclaimed internationally.

Seedling Records is unique in many ways. First of all Seedling is not interested in owning the masters to the recordings by it's artists. Instead it licenses the exclusive rights on a project-by-project basis. By doing this, the label gives the artist a bargaining chip in their career. We believe that artists should have control of their own destiny.

It is the intention of Seedling Records to be a launching pad for the careers of great artists. We are offering something that no other record label is offering, a partnership in the future of unique music and a chance for independent music to be heard and thrive on an international stage. By nurturing the careers of Seedling artists we prove that success is not limited to the major record companies.

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