Gregory Page


Musician/songwriter and producer Gregory Page was born in London, England to a musical family. As a teenager, he attended Trinity College of Music where he studied classical guitar and composition. At the age of sixteen, Page moved to Southern California where he began tirelessly writing and recording his own brand of music. As the years passed, Page not only worked on his own projects but also began to work with an eclectic array of artists such as Jason Mraz, John Doe, Jewel, Tom Brosseau, Steve Poltz and AJ Croce, amongst others. His collaboration and friendship with Croce enticed him to join AJ.s label Seedling Records and to release his debut CD, Love Made Me Drunk. It is a rare gift to be able to convey the emotional depth that Gregory has delivered on his newest album and there is an indescribable sense when listening to his music that you have uncovered a secret. When asked about the melancholy nature of his songs Page replies nothing makes you feel quite as good as a sad song.

The inspiration for Gregory's new (and first commercially released album) came in an unusual way. Love Made Me Drunk is a concept album of sorts, as it is uniquely different from his past works and profoundly influenced by the music of France. The melodies were floating above my head constantly, says Page. Walking through the ancient streets trying to imagine Paris one hundred years ago, the songs are like musical postcards.

The real story behind Love Made Me Drunk is a bittersweet and beautiful tale. At the age of 30, Gregorys mother informed him that the man he thought was his father was in actuality his stepfather, and though she knew nothing of his real fathers whereabouts she gave him his name. After a great deal of searching he found that his father was living in Paris, and a reunion was arranged. On my first walk with Papa through a city park we talked about life and why, at my age, I have never been married. After listening to me ramble on, he stopped and said son, you are in love with love, and I replied, Papa, that is a great song title. Reflecting back, I realized that I have such a fond memory about each of the songs on the CD, and I can recall where I was and what I was thinking when I composed them in Paris and Normandy. Page recorded Love Made Me Drunk in his tiny bedroom in San Diego, California, the same place where he recorded for projects with Jason Mraz and John Doe. When asked about the actual recording of the album, Gregory comments: There is something very solitary about recording by yourself. Recording your vocals alone has allowed me to be able to express myself and remain free. I really cannot stand recording in front of other folks. Page also played guitar on the album and arranged the strings and the accordion ( which were played by Phil Parlapiano who also performs with John Prine.) Looking towards 2006 Gregory adds Gregory Page is currently recording new music and performing for audiences wherever there are audiences.


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